Sunday – Cycle 3 – Day 19 – It Had to Happen

This has not been one of the better days.  Anne awoke this-morning with an upset stomach. and has neither eaten nor done very much during the day.  By 21.00 this-evening Anne was ready for bed and has taken a small amount of pain-killer.  She remains very cheerful and believes this to be a minor set-back, probably caused by a small infection.

We awake shortly after 07.00.  Although not feeling well, owing to an upset stomach, Anne finds the appropriate remote control panel and puts England’s rugby match on the bedroom television.  At half time, Stephen brings Anne a beaker of peppermint tea and himself a coffee.  We stay in bed to watch the second half.  A win is a win, and bonus points against Georgia may come in useful, but the England team will need to improve their game if they are to regain the world cup.

Stephen makes a second drink before the start of France’s match with Canada.  Anne wold like a piece of toast for her breakfast and, unusually, eats it in bed.  We are both downstairs by the end of the match:  Canada have worked hard but France are always the better and fitter side. Wales versus Samoa has taken place at 04.30 and is recorded:  three rugby matches in one morning is quite a serous proposition.  As a spectacle this match has little to offer; as a contest it is superb.  The Samoan side does not know when it is beaten and plays hard physical rugby throughout the whole eighty minutes.

Lunch is eaten late – 14.00 – and is only chicken noodle soup and a banana.  Stephen probably had too much to eat on Saturday evening and is happy with a light meal to-day. He measures out ingredients for a milk loaf and sets the bread-maker working.  The recipe is almost exactly the same as the basic white loaf, only the water is replaced by milk.

It is now time for serious business – an omnibus edition of  The Ironing lies waiting in the conservatory.  Anne is watching England’s Davis Cup tennis:  the tennis is good – Great Britain defeat Hungary.  One of the players leaves the court, feeling unwell.  On his return the commentator’s remark is priceless.  “We have been told he has in fact been sick, but this might be too much information.”

Stephen completes ironing the flat items and then makes a pot of tea.  Before we have completed drinking our first cup, Helen and Brian arrive.  Our first visitors since Beve left us on Thursday lunch-time, they are on their way home from an enjoyable but mentally tiring weekend course in Wales.  Helen arranges to collect us at 10.00 tomorrow – our trip to Derby for Anne’s CT scan.

Wen they are gone, Stephen returns to his task until the bread-maker’s alarm informs us the loaf is finished.  The loaf looks good, comes out of the tin easily, and stands on a wire rack to cool.  Later, Stephen puts it into the fridge and will try it tomorrow.

When Anne has finished watching an episode of “Dragons’ Den”, Stephen suggests supper. Anne wants only a Muller Rice; Stephen fries some bacon along with the remains of a bag of stir fry vegetables.  A drop of Madeira (Malmsey) and a little Thai chilli sauce soon make this into an appetising dish.

Stephen has sill not completed The Ironing, but sits with Anne until she is ready for bed. When he has taken her a hot drink and made himself a coffee, he finishes the last ten items and  then comes to blog.

(One could have guessed that Anne’s renewed appetite would result in some form of stomach upset.   Stephen feels both guilty and frustrated.  He has prepared Anne’s food and has probably provided the source of the stomach upset – during these last weeks Stephen has washed his hands over and over again.  Anne quite naturally wants to progress beyond a bland diet of omelettes, pasta, sauces and soft vegetables:  richer ingredients are more likely to cause problems with her digestive system.  Without a car, Stephen cannot shop for fresh food every day.  Creating a varied menu for only two people must involve some items remaining in the fridge for two or more days.  This is becoming a conundrum – even the freezer cannot provide an answer.  But there will be an answer and Stephen will endeavour to develop a system in which a variety of food items are used in good time.)

Thank-you to those who have emailed or tested or who have visited us.

Good night.


About Stephen Osborne

Married man of 58 whose wife has recently been diagnosed with late-stage cancer.
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One Response to Sunday – Cycle 3 – Day 19 – It Had to Happen

  1. Pauline says:

    Stephen hope today went smoothly.
    On Using food in date, buy things with the longest shelf life, even if it means looking to the back of the shelf, plan menus on days you are bringing in fresh food, like the pork pies and cream cakes in advance so that nothing else is coming to the end of its use by date. Keep some stand by foods in the freezer, which you enjoy and can either defrost or use from frozen and the same with small tins of fruit.
    Do you have any of the hand gel to use after you have washed your hands, you can it from M&S and chemists. It might be an idea to keep some in the bathrooms and kitchen.
    Remember it may not have been a bug, but just a reaction to a good week and worry about the CT scan.
    Blessings to you both Pauline

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